Tell me what ‘raped’ means?

My elder sister does not answer the door nowadays in fear that she is going to be ‘raped’ again.

All my life of 12 years, I have tried to look everywhere to find out what the word ‘raped’ means.

“India raped Australia last night,” they shouted in glee!

So raped meant defeat?

I told Didi that it’s only a game. She got raped once, she will win the next time she plays.

Didi told me that raped does not mean that.

“I’m going to get raped on my paper on Monday,” a girl sobbed on phone at the park.

So raped meant not doing well in class?

I told Didi that it’s okay getting raped in exams once in a while.

Didi told me raped does not mean that.

Yesterday, my favourite Salman Khan said “When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out.”

He said he couldn’t walk straight.

So raped meant not walking straight?

This time I found Didi crying on the bed. I went to her but father stopped me.

“Your Didi is going to get married,” he said.

I was shocked. Didi had just started college.

“Why?” I asked.

“She is impure,” father said, “She has been raped, she has to be married off as quick as we can.”

So raped meant being impure? I did not believe it.

I asked Didi to stop crying and told her that she was the purest one in the world. She smiled.

“You are the best Didi,” I said.

She looked at me for a second. Next I knew, she went up to father and slapped him.


Today Didi runs an organization for ‘raped’ women to deal with the society around them.

And finally, I found meaning to the word ‘raped’. The raped are the courageous ones. The ones that have been through unimaginable pain and have stood up again to fight against a society of whispered criticisms.

Thank you Didi, for explaining this to me.

The musings of the 12-year-old noted above are a work of fiction. But they are written with strong emotions that are very, very real.

Rape is a word casually thrown in to conversations of day to day life. Does anybody know what a rape victim goes through? How can you decide that the feeling of being defeated or exhausted or failure is what being ‘raped’ feels like?

Poor minds constructing poor sentences just to get a laugh out of the people around.

I pity you.


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