The Potions Master

Professor Snape had a free period that Friday. He sat in his office, trying to grade the pile of fifth year assignments in front of him.

Every few minutes he looked up from his work and took a deep breath. He just couldn’t concentrate. His hands twitched, his stomach danced to his thudding heart.

He had an important lecture in the next hour- Double Potions with the Gryffindor and Slytherin first years. Two hours with Harry Potter.

Snape had been caught looking at Harry during the feast. He was hungry for even a small part of Lily’s genes reflected in the boy. But all he could see from the distance was James’s thin face, messy hair and arrogant smirk.

Until he noticed Lily’s eyes on his face.

Snape couldn’t sleep since that night. Lily’s eyes had come back to haunt him, he was afraid to face the boy again.

He was afraid he might break down, bawl like a baby before the first years today.

Time ticked closer to the hour. Snape got up, picked up his wand and took another deep breath, hooked- nose flaring wide.

A few minutes later, Snape stood outside his dungeon. He could hear the first years settling down inside.

He forced himself to think of James Potter.

‘Snivellus,’ a snide voice whispered into his ear.

Snape thought of that day when the world had seen his underwear because of that wretched Potter.

His sallow skin was suddenly lined with hate. And with that he entered the dungeon, his cloak billowing around him.


This is the first time I tried fanfic. Do comment and tell me how it was.

In the memory of Alan Rickman, the man who breathed life into the hook nosed, sallow skinned, greasy haired Potions master. Alan, no one could have done it better than you. Rest in Peace.


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