Pray for the World

That day I opened the newspaper. They said a hundred were killed. I prayed. 

Two days back, I put on the news, fifty people died in a suicide bombing attack. I prayed.
Today I went on the internet, they said a hundred were killed again. I prayed again.
Now, I am afraid of tomorrow.

We live in a hamster wheel. People around us fall off, we stop for a moment, we pray for the fallen. Then the wheel goes on again.
But prayers, how many have echoed from all around? We give our strength to the lives in distress, but more lives continue to fall.
A world that fights for belief. A world that kills for revenge. We live in a world that is withering around us. And it is this that we should pray to change.
A prayer, not only when there is an attack, but a prayer everyday for the world to get well.
A prayer for the world to die slower.
A prayer for the people to care more.
A prayer that no one needs to kill again for any belief.
A prayer for peace, for love, for understanding.
Only then the world will live. And only then the people will love.
So let’s stand up for a moment, ask our hearts why we need to war. When peace and smiles can win many hearts, what is the use of guns and arms?
There is nothing stronger than the will to live, no beliefs, no community, no reason is strong enough to let people die. Let’s tell ourselves this. Let’s believe in humanity and the strength of it and give our shoulder to those in need.
Only then the world will live. And only then the people will love.
And only then, will humanity rise again.

We only know of Paris. Some even talk about Beirut. Google ‘Terrorist attacks in 2015’. You will be shocked by the list of incidents all over the world. Humanity, where have you gone off to?


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