Kerala stories

Hello purple followers. How are you all doing?

I know I’ve been out of touch for really long. And no I won’t make any excuses. It’s been nearly 3 months since I wrote anything. But I hope you guys would forgive me if I tell you I missed Ganpati (sob) and dandiya (screaming inside) – two of my favourite festivals ever!

I was in Kerala, getting trained for the ‘corporate’ world. God’s own country, as Kerala is famously known. And yes it was. Beaches and leaches. Green green trees and brown brown sand. Blue water and the bluest sky ever.

I had my training there for 2 months. And it was the best time ever. Washing my own clothes and waking up on my own (my roommate is going to choke up with laughter at this!). New people and new places. New bonds began and old bonds strengthened. Those weeks were some of the best of my life!

St. Andrews Beach, Thiruvananthapuram
St. Andrews Beach, Thiruvananthapuram
Tea Gardens- Munnar
Tea Gardens- Munnar

Anyway, I’m back here now in Mumbai Meri Jaan. And suddenly, it’s Diwali! The last festival I celebrated was Independence Day. So holding a diya after waving the flag, without going through modak and dandiya sticks, my hands might be a little surprised.

A happy November to all of you. It’s the month of shopping for new clothes and cleaning up our homes. The sun will slowly show a little mercy and we will soon have our winter in Mumbai (a joke of its own). Let’s be happy and spread love along with sweets this year! Happy crackling, fattening November to all of you!

And yes one more thing, you’ll see more of The Purple Splash from now on I promise. Just hang on to get that pop in life. And if you are tired of hanging on, just sit down somewhere, the purple will rain on you.

Cheers! And thank you for putting up with the crap I say. I love you guys! Stay tuned! 😀


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