Tackle stress and its mess

Hello all you people!

How is your Sunday going? I apologise for posting this really late. I got suddenly busy and couldn’t get time to write this out. But hey, as the cliché goes, better late than never!

I wanted to write this article for all you stressed and messed people out there. Exams, work, taxes, relationships, they grind the life out of you sometimes. You can’t stop thinking about what will happen next, will it be good or bad, will you be able to finish what you’re supposed to. And all you do is make the stress and the mess grow like a wart.

And the more the wart grows, the farther away you push your success.

So, all you’ve got to do is chillax and read on.

I know what people (and google) say when you ask what you’ve got to do when you are stressed.

“Go take a walk.”

“Hang out with or call up a friend.”

“Listen to music.”



They all work. At least one of them will for you. But I asked around a couple of people and got some interesting answers. And these pretty much worked for me during my exams. So, you stressed person, get comfy and read on.

  1. Eat chocolates

Of course. Google advises this too. Chocolates are great at making your mood better, I’m sure you already know that. They release dopamine which is a mood changing chemical in your brain. So, gorge on them! Especially the dark ones.

But you know what. When you eat them, don’t keep thinking ‘why am I not feeling better?’ or ‘what will I tell Mr. Boss if I can’t complete the deadline?’ Relish them, let the chocolate melt on your tongue. Imagine the dopamine flowing in your brain.

I usually have chocolates with a novel in my hand. So I don’t think about the next math chapter I’ve got to study or the one I already did.

  1. Love a baby or your pet

Okay babies aren’t available to everyone. But if you know a baby, go and talk to it for a while. They will make you want to make faces at them forever. And the way they’ll love you will make you want to eat those chubby bubbies!

But of course not everyone knows a baby. But you know, your pet dog also gives you the same amount of love. Go and pet them. Give them those kisses and cuddles they deserve.

Okay yes not everyone has pets. Then all you’ve got to do is google. You get soo many pet dog and cat videos that you will get tired of laughing. And soo many baby videos that you will get tired of awwing. For example, this blooper video will make the manliest of men want to do 100 pushups to prove their gender!

  1. Paint your nails

Nail polish really works. Forget all your tension for a while. Get two or three bottles of your favourite colours and go crazy. Paint your fingers and toes in pretty pictures. If you aren’t artistic you can always do polka dots! (That’s what I always do, because that’s what I can only do!)

You feel amazing in the end.

Guys can try with clear nail polishes. (Sshh, nobody will know!) Or if they want to go all colourful, yay, power to you!

  1. Go to a religious building

No I’m not asking you to follow any religion. And I’m not asking you to pray. Just go. Go to a temple, a church, a gurudwara, a mosque, (I am sorry if I missed out yours but you can go there too.) Sit at the place where people are praying. You will automatically feel calm and de-stressed.

The people all around you praying and hoping. All their hope, their faith, it will make you feel really happy about yourself.

  1. Flower up

Once, I had given a really bad exam and I was feeling lower than a cactus root! I saw a woman selling Mogra flowers in the train when I was coming back home. And I have no clue why, I bought them.

The whole evening I was smelling them. The heady tinge of sweetness made me forget my stupid exam. I felt so good.

One of my friends does the same. When he is stressed, he switches on the A.C, sprays his room freshener (rose) all around the room and lies down. He says that it feels like he is lying in the middle of an entire rose garden.

So, the next time you are stressed and you are tired of doing all the normal ways, try these! They might work for you. Remember! Stress isn’t stress unless you make it to be. So relax guys! Enjoy the last of your Sunday. Love your life.



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