The Sunflower

There, in the middle of the field, a sunflower peeked out of its green bud.

The yellow flower blinked at the sun which looked like a bright splat of yellow in a blue canvas.

The sun was, as usual, on his way in the sky. He loved all the attention he got. The men prayed to him, the plants grew because of him, he lit up their world!

He smiled at the little flower and went on his way, he had a busy schedule after all.

As the day grew older the sun, getting brighter, was bothered by something, he could feel someone’s eyes on him. He looked down and saw the yellow flower still staring at him.

“Hello!” the sun waved.

The flower blinked back.

The sun did a little dance in the sky.

The flower still blinked.

“Kids” the sun sighed.

From then on, wherever the sun went, the flower followed him.Β The sun secretly in his warm heart loved the attention he got from the little kid.

“I’ll teach him some things, he must be my nephew! He sure does look like me a bit. ”

So the sun taught the little flower life. He taught the flower how to smile, how to wave in the wind, how to peak through grass strands like the sun himself peeked through clouds. He taught the sunflower good values.

The flower loved the sun. Every morning he stood facing east, waiting for his uncle sun to come up and make him laugh.

And the sun saw the flower slowly changing, turning yellower, and bigger.

“Ah, he’s growing up,” the sun beamed, “getting stronger like I do!”

That night as the flower stood facing east, waiting for the sun, it yawned and its petals bloomed completely. He was a man, a beautiful man.

The next day, a farmer and his kids had come to visit the flower. The kids loved the flower’s yellow smile and took turns smelling him and watering him.

The sun came up in the sky, waiting for the flower to look at him.

But alas, the flower was too busy making the children happy. He had forgotten all about his uncle sun. He never turned to look at him.

Uncle sun couldn’t believe his little nephew forgot him like that. He was upset the whole day, letting the clouds make the sky grey.

“It’s okay man, kids are like that. They grow up, they forget you exist,” said the cloud near him.

The flower never looked at the sun again. He was busy, busy being pretty.

The sun took days to get used to this. The flower had forgotten all about him. But the sun remembered every day he taught the flower.

“Ah, kids,” the sun sighed, “They forget who raised them once they grow up.”

This story is based on fact! While young sunflowers follow the sun wherever it goes, the grown up ones do stop facing the sun’s direction.
‘So mean,’ you think. But don’t many of mankind do the same?


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  1. Wow. The comparison is amazing. Yes, present generation is similar to the sun flower in this story. One should not forget the people, from whom we got light, happiness and love. πŸ™‚


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