Love Unbounded

The struggle for love is over in America. #Lovewins. Equality of marriage has blessed them all.

The gay communities all over the world have started stoking up hope on a stove. America has done it. Slowly, the others will follow.Pairs of same sex eyes steal glances off each other.

‘We might be free soon,’ they whispered among themselves.

Love, unbounded by stares and looks of disgust, has spread over a nation. Celebration is in the air. The gay community flag is fluttering in the breeze. Love always triumphs, as Prof. Dumbledore always maintained. He must be happy in his grave, that man. His kind are free to love.

Congratulations America for accepting love as it is!

Now all we wait for is the rest of the world to do the same.

Stay calm, Hold on. Good days are on their way.

P.S- Type ‘gay’ on google search and see how pretty it is! 🙂

A toast to love in all forms!



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