Such challenges. Much stupidity

Remember how we used to tickle somebody’s knee and if they jerked back laughing, pronounced them ‘not virgins’ (Or was it the other way round I am not sure).

The internet has started tossing up similar ideas that helps people know how beautiful (hot, sexy, SKINNY) you are. It began with the #BellyButtonChallenge (touch your belly button looping your arm around your back) and continued with #thighgapchallenge and #holdacokewithyourboobschallenge. Now it’s the #CollarboneChallenge.
All you got to do is place a stack of coins behind your collar bone. The more money on your neck, the skinnier you are. And so, astonishingly, the healthier you are.
If health was determined by how skinny a person is, how healthy are the children of Kenya? They can stack a hundred coins on them, not only on the collarbones, probably on the hip bones too. And according to the #BellyButtonChallenge they can touch their belly buttons looping their arms twice around.
Get a life people. See how hot Huma Qureshi is. She isn’t anywhere near skinny. She is one HAWT coal (Sorry I really have a girl crush on her).

You need not believe in all these trends. The only thing you need to believe in is you. You are round, so what? You have a big butt, who cares? All you need is to be happy. That will make you beautiful. And that will certainly make you healthy.
So go jump into the pool in your bikini. Let them see how beautiful you are without thigh gaps and pointy collars. Get the skinny girls jealous of what all you can eat without giving a damn about your fingers touching your belly.
Go. Be happy.


2 thoughts on “Such challenges. Much stupidity

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  1. i am a guy and i should have no business in this post but i fully agree with you, on a guys perspective i myself don’t like the skinny trend (sorry skinny ladies)… kajol is my alltime fav actress with juhi chawla and they were never skinny, i dont watch indian movies much but accedntly saw dadh ishqia and yes huma qureshi looked so good in it and madhuri was pure grace so yes they are the perfect examples of being urself.


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