Exasperated Love

Every house with two or more children has a continuous battle raging within it.

These battles may have sprouted out from things as mundane as the TV remote or the temperature of the AC. Yet the battle goes on and on, until a sweet silence follows. Nobody tries to make up for the fight but the siblings forget everything and sit together peacefully until the next war cry rings in the house.

Love is an emotion that can be expressed in many bizarre ways, perhaps the most bizarre being the love between siblings. Exasperated, yet entirely pure, this love is bitter-sweet and peppered heavily with tiffs.

Until my brother was born, I was the cute one in the house whom everybody loved. Then he came and BAM! I was just another kid. I used to sulk and sulk to gain attention, to get even a tiny part of the spotlight. I made a rule that nobody could click pictures of him without me posing in it too. But nobody gave a crap and I spent the Sunday the photos got developed screaming and moping around like a banshee.

When we were small I loved bullying him, pinching and pushing him. I used to love it when my mother scolded him (I still do). I feel utmost satisfaction when I’m sick and I can make him run and get me a glass of water.

Hey don’t judge me! We do have our happy moments. When he was a baby I used to rush home from school to play games with him. Games which we had invented by the way, we were cool like that! I still have fun watching movies with him and discussing life with him.

Today he is nearly a foot taller than I am and probably double my weight. Now he takes his revenge of the pinching and pushing I’ve done in the past and it hurts! We still fight over the smallest things. That is one thing that won’t change even when we are 80 years old.

Siblings are closer than friends in life. You grow up with them, share more than genes with them, often go to school together and have only each other when you go to all those boring family functions. I’m sure most of you must have wished you were an only child. But trust me, the grass is always greener on the other side.

I love my giant little brother. I teach him all those identities and problems in Maths and he teaches me how to sing. Yes, knowledge exchange is our high. There is crazy exasperation and outbursts of retorts everyday, everywhere (even in the movie theater over popcorn.) It is a mad relationship, complete with bruises and scratches and laughs and secrets. I love it! It gives me a reason to smile when I come home.

Can you imagine your life without your brother or sister? With whom would you have shared stories about your teachers and crushes? Who would have planned your parents’ anniversary surprises with you? Could you have had that huge packet of chips all alone? It would be so different wouldn’t it?


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