Your choice

Yesterday, Vogue released a video informing women of their ‘choices’ in life. 99 random women came together to tell us that the bindi they wear is their choice and the time they came home is their choice, along with many more such declarations.

It stars Deepika Padukone and a few more women from the elite section, with Deepika’s voice narrating behind, directed by Homi Adjania. The video is very beautiful to look at. But if you pay attention to the words, you’ll be cleaning your ears to listen again. Probably Homi Adjania believes Indians will understand only how the video looks like and not what it sounds like.

“To love temporarily or to lust forever” is what you choose being a woman? A man uttering the word ‘lust’ would be hit with shoes before he can say “unfair”. That’s gender equality in India- only for women.

And did you really say “sex outside marriage” or was that my brain making up words? Shame! Years and years of calling men unfaithful and this and that, you say a woman can have sex outside marriage. Who gave you the right to choose that?

Are we fools here to be impressed by your use of powerful language and censor board tabooed words, Mr Adjania? Seriously, there is a wide gap between women empowerment and women domination. How can you get that wrong?


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