A letter to the sun

Haven’t you all felt the days getting hotter? Ice creams are melting faster, people are getting tireder. Suddenly everyone has started getting headaches and skin itches.

Amidst this heat and grime, a man from our earth decided to write a letter to heat itself. He wrote a letter to the sun.

Dear sun,
I know we owe our lives to your energy. But c’mon man, you’ve got to stop roasting us. We are tired of hiding behind umbrellas. Are you trying to kill us or what?
Please be kind and try to control your ultraviolets. They cause skin cancer and all and have killed many. And we all request you to please take a chill. You’ve grown too hot, sir, you are pricking us like needles.
You know that the whole world revolves around you. Please do not torture us. We worship you and we always will. I do surya namaskar everyday and also offer water to you every morning. Please drink that water and cool down. We only want to live that’s all.
Your devotee,

Dear man,
I am sorry but I can do nothing to help you. The heat you feel, I’m a thousand times hotter than that. And my ultraviolets need to be free. I can’t keep them tied up in me.
But as far as I can remember, weren’t you people given a blanket called ozone to protect yourselves? Where did that go? Did you people not take care of it? I vaguely remember my ultraviolets saying that you all have started using air conditioners and can’t live without them now. The ozone probably couldn’t handle those gases. Anyway my ultraviolets are happy. They can now reach out and see your world.
My job is to provide you heat, you’ve got to take care of your lives. I suggest you make the planet greener. Those green things usually love me and soak me up. They will protect you.
I can’t cool down. Never. But I can hide if you want. Tomorrow I’ll hide behind your moon. Enjoy the brief shade for sometime. But I can’t hide forever. So just stop being selfish and start loving your planet. You will live only then.
Warm wishes,
The Sun

Trees, my friends, trees. They are the saviours in our concrete world. Imagine walking through a shade of trees when it’s sunny bright on a hot afternoon. You can only do it when you have trees. Let’s plant them and save ourselves.
Meanwhile, it’s the solar eclipse! Do not look directly at the sun without protection. Take care and love the planet. Can’t we do at least this much for the place that gave us life?


8 thoughts on “A letter to the sun

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  1. This is such a sweet, heartwarming post with a serious message inside!
    Yes, we need to take much better care of our only home in the whole wide universe. You are a true inspiration to those, who haven’t seen the urgency of the situation at the moment. I believe one, who doesn’t take the topic climate change seriously, would see the bigger picture if they’d read this.

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