A woman’s voice

That day I saw a woman pushing a man because he had caught on her shoulder while falling down. The crowd looked on appreciatively. Another day, I saw a fat woman shouting at her husband in the market place. The crowd was laughing at the poor guy.

Now just imagine if a woman had caught on a man’s shoulder while falling. What if the man had pushed her away? Would the crowd have been so appreciative? Again, if the husband was shouting at the wife in public would the crowd have laughed? Someone would have probably called the police.

And we say our country aims for gender equality.

Another time, I saw a woman fighting with a frail old man because he was sitting in the ladies seat in a bus. The man had to stand for the next half hour just because he was a man.

And we say our country aims for gender equality.

If equality is what we desire, why are women given so many amenities? Female reservations in the Rajya Sabha, in schools, in colleges, in buses. Why is our path built with bricks for us?

Are we so weak that we can’t come up on our own?

Why did Shehnaz Treasurywala write an open letter to the powerful and popular MEN in the world? Why do they have to speak on behalf of us?

Aren’t we strong enough to face the world?

Half the country thinks we women are smaller than men. Why, women too expect to be protected and taken care of by men. If this is how we think, how will gender equality come alive?

The Constitution attaches women to helium balloons to make her as tall as men. What they don’t understand is women were never short in the first place. They are pushed down by the world’s stupid beliefs. And these artificial means of rising up won’t be needed if they were allowed to stretch to their original height equalling the men’s giant form.

So this International women’s day, let’s all ,men and women, old and young, take a pledge to stop looking down at the ladies. They aren’t useless or small. They aren’t puppets under men’s commands. They aren’t your slaves to cook and clean for you.

PS- They aren’t only vagina either, there is a brain and a heart in there too. So next time you hear a lawyer or a doctor or even a dog say that women shouldn’t wear jeans or retaliate when she is raped, bash in his head with a stone.

Thank you


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  1. “They weren’t short in the first place,” beautifully said. You kept the points concise through the whole piece, making moving statements that rang true. And then “P.S” and there the emotion takes hold. Thanks for the share.

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