The lover’s sacrifice

His pointy head stood poised, all day long. When greedy fingers approached the love of his life, he pricked them hard. Nothing could be compared to the pleasure he felt when he scratched away skin and touched blood.

He was a savior, a guardian, a determined lover. But the flower he was in love with never turned to him. She didn’t even know he existed.

Her head was always high in the air as she danced with the glinting sun, smelling like love. Bees and butterflies from far and near came to see her swaying in the wind and sucked at her sweet nectar. Little did they know that she used them too, to spread her reign all over the garden. She was a devil disguised as a beautiful queen, proud of her mesmerizing form.

One day her lover grew tired. She wouldn’t notice me, he thought, what is the point of me living? That evening he decided to die, he wilted away and became brown and dried. His pointy head, though still pointy, fell away. And yet, she never realized.

She was still there, prancing with the breeze. Her smell spreading like beautiful music. A party was going on in the garden that evening and there were people all around. So she showed off even more, opening her petals in delight.

A little girl from the crowd came near her and put her hand forward to pluck her. The rose knew she couldn’t be plucked, though she never knew why. But this time, nothing could stop those fingers and alas, the flower was caught by surprise. Off she came as her stem broke like a fingernail.

Caught in the hair strands of the little girl, the flower thought back on her life. That’s when she remembered the little thorn, always by her side, guarding her. Alas, had she realized this sooner, she wouldn’t have let vanity drown her. Her pride brought her to a fall. She soon started wilting away and that night, she breathed her last.

We sometimes think we have everything. Money, friends, glamour and fame. But whatever music you sway to, once you start swaying to pride, whoever you are, wherever you are, you will have a terrific fall. And you will be shattered like a pane of glass.


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