High on patriotism

Patriotism visits people on two days every normal year. One of them was today.

26th January, the Republic Day of India. The day sees soaring hearts smile with reverence as the National Flag is hoisted. People wear the tricolor on their proud chests and on their vehicles. Little children run about distributing sweets, laughing like sunshine.

Our government outshines itself, playing “aye mere watan ke logon” and “jis desh mein ganga behti hai” in railway stations. The parade in New Delhi is resplendent. This year more so, because, Oh Bama. The malls and cafes have sales that make you love your life. For one day we forget all our complaints and only the most blackhearted of all says “Is desh ka kuch nahi hoga” on this day.

Pride and patriotism and all, for which there is no time any other day, is seen in every nukkad.

Anyway amidst all this love for the country (and there is a lot, they are only concentrated over 2 days you see), amidst all the flags hoisted, stuck or pinned all over India, check out this auto rickshaw’s patriotic expression.


India isn’t backward anymore. I hope with all my heart it wouldn’t start going upside down now.

Here’s to India, 65 and strong, going from pothole to pothole and slowly getting better.


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