Far, far away, in the frozen expanses of the Tundra, we might find a little something buried in the snow. A little something called humanity.

As the earth turns round and round, fear increases in our hearts. Today, two people walking down the street can be gunned down, bombed or held as hostages for reasons which they are not even responsible for.

About 2 weeks back, 132 innocent children were shot because they went to school that day, teachers were burned alive and families suddenly left with a giant hole in their lives. Around the same time, a café at another part of the world had turned into a hellhole. 18 people were trapped for hours just because they decided to have coffee at the wrong time. Then, on Christmas Eve, 76 tribals were killed because some people decided this is the way they will gain a separate state of their own.

Life is suddenly being treated as a game of counter strike.

The world has never been so divided before. Blacks, whites, Hindus, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, Asians, Africans, Americans. Countries wage wars on each other; men kill other men in the name of belief and faith. These divisions are so embedded in our culture that we never realize their presence.

Many innocent people have died in the name of this skewed culture. Simply, like dolls in a puppet show, their threads are cut and they fall. We mourn, wish for strength for the families involved. We sigh with secret relief that we were not anywhere near it. And we move on.

But the beliefs dividing us remain.

Humanity remains buried in the far off place.

And the earth rotates on.


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