Christmas week

This must be my 227th attempt to write about Christmas. Oh my, I know nearly nothing about this festival. I have been sitting here twirling my pen between my fingers for the past half hour thinking of a mature start to the post. But now I think I’ll just go with the flow.

Although my mind is acting like an ignorant idiot right now, my heart sure is sashaying around in pure Christmas spirit. I love this air of joy and smiles. It makes me feel so bouncy!

Christmas in India is pretty much a small affair as compared to other countries. But it’s still a blast. We love Santa Claus! My little sister goes all whoopie on Christmas Eve when Santa comes to her school and distributes little gifts. Cafes and malls all over the country work hard to spread the cheer by making people sing and dance and do crazy karnamas (and hence, increase their sales. Smart I tell you.) Our churches are all decked up. You hear beautiful carols when you pass by them that make your heart soar. There are stars and baubles hanging about everywhere. Christmas is excitement at its prime!

Little Santa Clauses in HyperCity
A Christmas tree in all its glory
A Christmas tree in all its glory
Birth of Lord Jesus, St Thomas Cathedral church, Mumbai

I have always found churches magnificent in their beauty. The first time I was in one I was intimidated to exhaustion. A smiling man had seen me and my friend lingering around at the entrance and had invited us inside. We were so nervous. My mind kept telling me to sit straight. And I was all, Can I talk during the carols? Do I have to sing along? But it was very uplifting.

Carols :D
Carols 😀

Christmases are filled with gifts and joy and family re-unions, aren’t they? I am sure you all have many crazy stories about food and funny family members and weird Christmas gifts. Why don’t you share them here? Let’s all spread some smiles around and contribute to the festival of joy.

Here’s The Purple Splash wishing you all a very merry Christmas and many many smiles this festive season.

Cheers 🙂




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