Made of red dyed yarn
Wound around a wooden willow,
I let little dreams pass through
On to a breathing pillow.

As night creeps into the house
And you get ready for bed,
Your eyes hung low with heavy sleep
As dreams run into your head.

I catch your dreams in my web
And keep your monsters away,
But the good ones, I let them slip
And let them have their say.

As you lie in your tiny cot
Both eyes shut tight with sleep,
A smile crawls all over your face
And makes your baby nose peep.

All your nightmares cling on to me
Until the next sun rise,
Then they fly out of the window
Like a swarm of flies.

You wake up, wringing an eye
As happy as a sunflower,
I hang on, to bring you dreams
I am the Dreamcatcher.


I saw a beautiful web of yarn hung on a window one day. Wondering why a Diwali decoration looked so odd I asked the owner what it was.

“A Dream Catcher,” she said.

A Dreamcatcher is a tangled web of yarn with bits and pieces of everyday life in it. It hangs above a person’s cot hanging freely in the air. When night comes, it is said that these fascinating objects catch the person’s dreams in their web and let only the good dreams pass through. The bad dreams, not knowing how to slip through the tangles, remain stuck till sunrise.

Amazing, isn’t it?


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