“Aaahh! What is that monster?”

“What? Where?”

My heads crick when I whirl them around.

There it was. A huge white structure with a giant blue wing. It looked amazing in the violet-pink sky.

“What is it?” I ask Omo, who is gaping at it just like me.

“It’s called Mom”, says Blip.

Mom? Wasn’t that something earthlings called the person who gave birth to them?

“Mars Orbiter Mission”.

Oh. Another one. I thought they had given up after the last dust storm.

“This is from some place called India.”

India. That’s the fourth earth country that has sent a monster here. First it was U.S (Upper Sulphur I think), then Europe (I am not a rope at least), then something called Russia (I wonder what’s the rush).

I don’t understand what these giants do. Sometimes when our little sun is high up in the sky I hear a sort of whirring. I suspect there are cameras on them.

Cameras. Ha ha. I know what they are. Cuboids with cylinders attached to them. And they can freeze you on a piece of paper. Hah! Bet nobody else knows that.

But these cameras can never freeze us on anything. We are minuscule. The Olympus Mons protects us from everything. We live safe and sound, feeding on our Mars rocks and drinking Carbon dioxide.

But sometimes I wish one of these Monsters captures us. I want to go to earth once. I want to see a human being at least once before I die. Can you believe that they have only one head! The thought sends me into spurts of laughter everytime.

I hear Blip chuckling too. I know he is thinking the same thing.

“Do you think MOM will do it”, he asks.

“I guess so. After all, I did hear someone saying ‘MOM never dissappoints’”.

Of course the above incident is entirely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to a person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

India has always had a connection with Mangal. Be it our very own Mangal Pandey or our beloved Mangalmurthy. This time on the day after Mangalvar, we became proud owners of a successful Mangalyan. Our MOM is the first spacecraft to enter the red planet’s orbit in the very first attempt. And boasting a colour camera and a methane sensor, MOM is all ready to conquer Mars and its Martians.

National pride is the best form of pride, isn’t it?



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